Welcome to FIU's Phish Pond!

FIU's Phish Pond is a resource to view the latest phishing emails targeting our students, faculty and staff. The goal of the Phish Pond is to promote awareness, help our users to better identify phishing emails and keep informed of the latest phishing tactics. With our users being aware and not susceptible to taking the bait, we can contribute to FIU being a No Phish Zone.

How to report phishing:

The Phish Alert button provides an easy way to report a phishing or suspicious email. The Phish Alert button sends the email as an attachment to the security team for analysis and removes the email from your email inbox. Our dedicated team will then verify that it is indeed a malicious email or a legitimate email. If you need to retrieve the legitimate email after reporting, you can easily find it in your Deleted Items folder. When reporting an email via the Phish Alert button, you will receive an immediate notification indicating the email was successfully reported or you successfully identified a simulated phishing email sent by the Division of IT as part of a phishing campaign and Cybersecurity Awareness Training.

Phish Alert Button and Reporting Phishing/Suspicious Emails

Know the signs

These examples are intended to educate FIU users on how to spot a phish. If you receive an email not listed here and that seems suspicious, report it via the methods listed above.

  • 07/05/2023
    John Blue
    COVID-19 Remote Work
  • 05/23/2022
    Camilo Londono Sanchez
    COVID-19 Remote Work
  • 05/23/2022
    Anthony Cosio
    Security Service
    COVID-19 Remote Work
  • 04/01/2022
    maverick clark
    ODER #2366744
    Fake HR message. Malicious site
  • 03/08/2022
    Mc Stravick, Peggy
    Fake HR message. Malicious site
  • 02/09/2022
    Billing details
    Remote connection and credit card scam
  • 10/18/2021
    Miss. Khalifa Shamoon
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