On March 20, 2017, the Division of IT launched a new Cybersecurity Awareness Training designed to help you identify and prevent the loss of sensitive data while protecting existing resources.  Once a new curriculum is assigned, an email notification will be sent notifying you about the curriculum assignment.

What am I required to do?

All FIU faculty and staff are required to participate in the training. The training must be completed within 6 months of the assignment. Training will be assigned every six months with new courses and/or updated content. Depending on your job role or access to sensitive data, you may be assigned additional training.

How can I access the training?

In addition to accessing the training via the link included in the curriculum assignment email notification, visit https://securityawareness.fiu.edu and log in with your FIU username and password. The “Required Training” section on your dashboard lists the curriculum and training modules that you are required to complete. The curriculum is comprised of several modules. Each module highlights a security topic. The modules may be a video, concluding with a three question quiz, or an interactive activity, requiring user involvement. The “Recommended Training” section on your dashboard lists the modules that are not required and do not have a due date – they can be taken at your leisure.

Why do I need to take the training?

Safeguarding the security of our University’s data is of utmost importance. It is essential that all members of our community be responsible for all the data they manage. In addition to the Division of IT’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training providing the necessary tools to help better protect the University’s resources, it can also offer security awareness and tips to apply to your personal life.

Am I still required to take the training if I previously completed another Security Awareness Course?

The newly launched Cybersecurity Awareness Training offers new and dynamic content and must be taken even if you previously completed another Security Awareness Course.

For more information and help, visit the Cybersecurity Awareness Training Course knowledge article found on AskIT or email security@fiu.edu.