What should I do to best protect my computer on campus?

What is a firewall?

Why is it important to stay updated?

How do I update my machine?

How do I configure Skype when running on the FIU Network?

How can I report an Incident?

What is considered to be sensitive information?

What do I do if my machine is compromised?

Am I in danger of copyright infringement?

Media Sanitation

What is meant by "Sanitized"?

What type of equipment do I need to have sanitized?

Why do I need to have my items sanitized?

My computer is really old! It won’t even boot up anymore! Why should I bother?

How do I go about having my storage devices sanitized?

What is an "MSCID" (tag)?

How long will the process take?

What if my hard drive is missing?

Why can’t I wipe the drive myself?

So, what happens to all these storage devices? / I picked up a computer from property control, but it does not have a hard drive. What good is it to me?