Awareness Training

2019 Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Education and Awareness


To maintain our commitment to educate the University community on cybersecurity topics, the Division of Information Technology assigned the annual Cybersecurity Awareness Training to all employees on December 2, 2019.

Education and awareness is key to being able to defend against cyber attacks. As members of our FIU community, it is our responsibility to safeguard all information resources. The goal of the training is to help our University employees identify and prevent the loss of sensitive data and protect existing resources.


The annual training is part of our awareness efforts and requirements for regulations and compliance that the University must adhere to. The Division of Information Technology has updated the annual online Cybersecurity Awareness Training with enhanced content, current trends and the addition of compliance modules.

You may notice that some topics may not directly apply to your job role. These are included in the training because as university employees, you may come in contact with such information, even if you are not part of a department that processes that type of data. These topics also satisfy the requirements and compliance regulations that FIU must follow.

Additional in-depth training on compliance topics are assigned to those whose job roles or departments are related to handling such sensitive data.

Training Features and Requirements

All employees are required to take the training within 3 months of assignment.

The FIU Cybersecurity Awareness Training - 2019 offers a new live action format, which we hope to be informative but also engaging. The training includes 18 modules on pertinent cybersecurity topics that can assist us at work and home. Each module concludes with a 3-question quiz. The total viewing time for the training is 1 hour and 10 minutes but was designed with you in mind - you can complete it at your own pace, as time permits. The training does not have to be completed in one sitting. You can resume the training in multiple attempts without affecting the completion status of modules. For your convenience, the training is offered in individualized modules per topic. Completion of the FIU Cybersecurity Awareness Training - 2019 will also provide you 2 Professional Development hours.

Recommended Training

Additional topics may be assigned within the year under the Recommended Training section. The Recommended Training section offers training activities that are not required to complete nor have a due date. We recommend completing these trainings at your leisure. Recommended Training offers refresher courses and security awareness and tips to apply to your life at work or home.


Once the 90 days for completion lapses, managers will receive a report with information on their direct reports' completion status. You can also request a report by sending your department and/or business unit information to

Begin your training to become cyber aware at For more information or troubleshooting issues, visit the Knowledge Base article.